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Concussions and Shut Downs

Light therapy quiets the system, binary lenses help maintain focus.

After suffering a whiplash, Shelley (46) could not function. She wore dark sunglasses and ear plugs to reduce the pain. She was dizzy, nauseous, and unsteady walking. She could not sleep, drive, or work. Her memory and verbal vocabulary were poor. She had constant headaches and foggy thinking. She was home bound, uncomfortable, and losing money. To make matters worse few believed her dire situation and hinted at a psychosomatic problem. She was desperate for help.

She was so unstable that she could not be examined completely. It took six weeks of light therapy to quiet her nervous system in order to test her vision. Her exam revealed considerable farsightedness in which she had never consistently worn glasses. Dr. Lessmann prescribed lenses and a mild orange tint to help accept the new lenses and re-integrate her vision with her body. Third party concussion testing showed marked improvement and she no longer needed sunglasses and ear plugs to survive the day. The headaches, dizziness, and nausea subsided and memory and word recall reportedly improved.

Take home: “It is not all in your head; it may be in your eyes” and “light heals”.

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