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Marcy Birchard reviewed Vision Development Institute

My daughter received a concussion in Sept 2016. As a result she developed vision issues. We followed the traditional route through traditional concussion therapies until we were told that she needed additional vision therapy to progress. I was confused because we had been doing what I believed was vision therapy the whole time and my daughter showed no improvement during the months we had been doing the traditional vestibular therapies.

So we began Vision Therapy at the Vision Development Institute. My daughter was dizzy, nauseous, having double vision and was completely unable to focus for any period of time. Pre-concussion she had 20/20 vision and now she couldn’t even read the second line on the eye chart. She was also extremely involved in sports and at this point was unable to run even short distances without becoming ill.

Dr Lessman and his staff (Amy and Maria) engaged my daughter from the onset. She began light therapy, home training and in office sessions. While much of the therapy seemed unconventional to me, my daughter immediately began to improve. She no longer had the dizziness and nauseousness and she actually liked doing the therapy. She returned to her sports and was showing improvement that I hadn’t seen in months of doing the traditional therapy.

By the end of our sessions, I was amazed at the improvement. She was able to focus again and was back to 20/20 vision. I can’t say that this therapy works for everyone or that it is the best solution for all vision/concussion issues. I can say it worked for my daughter who was not making progress prior. Dr Lessman and his staff are dedicated and care about their patients success. I would highly recommend!

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