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Under Potential, Insecure, and Homework Battles

Treatment: Binary lenses, light therapy, and vision developmental therapy.

Emily at 7-1/2 was very hard on her mother. She was clingy, obstinate at home, and unhappy when her mother brought her to Dr. Lessmann. School was very stressful. She was behind in her reading and being a competitive person she did not like it. She frequently misread words based only on the first letter. She stated that the words were “too small”. School was overwhelming and she took it out on her mother with temper tantrums at home.

Emily was exhausted, frustrated, and scared. She was off balance and developmentally behind. This prevented proper focusing and a relaxed state of mind conducive to learning. Dr. Lessmann recommended a program of lenses, light therapy, and vision developmental therapy. The prescribed binary lenses were to relax her eyes and enlarge the print. The optometric syntonic light therapy was to restore balance and rest her nervous system and the vision developmental therapy was to fill in gaps in her conceptual development that confused her visual perception.

She transformed to being a happy and cooperative child. She was able to complete homework and had time left over for life. Her friendships improved and she became more outgoing. It was hard to believe that this miserable child became delightful in only several months time. Often there is a reason for a child’s behavior, it is not isolated and the challenge is to discover what is disturbing the child. Many times it is some performance problem that frustrate the child and supervising adults, that manifest is some behavior issue.

This demonstrates our motto: “Eyes OK, I’m OK”

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